Roof and Floor Slabs

Roof & Floor Slabs are reinforced aerated concrete products which are produced in accordance with German standard DIN 4223. Being ready-to-use, prefab structural elements have their full load-bearing capacity directly after production. After delivery, slabs can be simply erected in a short time. There is no need for shuttering work. Only the joints must be grouted with concrete. Finishing work can be started directly after erection which saves time and costs. Roof & Floor Slabs are produced in various thicknesses and spans with different load bearing capacities. Furthermore, the thermal insulation and well balanced heat storage properties of Siporex Slabs ensure a pleasant internal environment with balanced room-temperatures. Slabs are used for flat roof area and sloped one. slabs are incombustible and therefore they meet all the requirements of fire-resistance categories.


  • Floor & Roof Slabs for building, (Extension and TDR work
  • Mezzanine floor work at factory, commercial, residential buildings
  • Covering the open balconies
  • Chajja Purpose
  • Industrial roof
  • Steps in Theaters, Auditorium, Multiplex, Class rooms, Marriage halls etc
  • Covering the duct
  • Sloping Roofs of Bungalows / Commercial / Residential Structures
  • Roof of security cabins I toilets